Generation II

Digital Audio System


The Pioneers of Digital Audio Control Systems Technology

The Eagle Generation II Digital Audio System is the smallest, lightest and most capable digital audio system available today. We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing digital audio control systems for over 20 years.


The Generation II System is the result of input we received from Completion Centers, Technicians, Operators, and TFOs in the Law Enforcement, Air Medical Transport, and TV News fields.

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P122 Electrical Console

For over 14 years the P122 Switch Console has been the preferred upgrade by utility operators for the AS350.

Key features include:

  • Improved electrical system reliability

  • Rugged MIL-STD type switches and circuit breakers

  • 24 Mil-Spec sealed toggle switches with replace push-buttons

  • Up to 60 Mil-Spec circuit breakers (replacing fuses)

  • Greater ergonomics for busy cockpits

  • Direct bolt-in replacement for the OEM console

  • Fully assembled and wired to your mission specific needs


Eagle Audio P122 Electrical Console
P132 Switch Console & Electrical Upgrade

The P132 Avionics Console is the preferred upgrade by Airborne Law Enforcement Professionals for the AS350.

Eagle Audio P132 Switch Console & Electrical Upgrad

Key features include:

  • Improved electrical system reliability

  • 20 Mil-Spec sealed toggle switches

  • Up to 60 Mil-Spec circuit breakers

  • Increased Avionics space

  • Greater ergonomics for busy cockpits

  • Available night vision compatibility option

  • Fully assembled and wired to your mission specific needs 

Eagle Audio P139HD Digital Audio System
P139HD Digital Audio System

The latest airborne Communication Management System – simplifying communications tasks for law enforcement, Homeland Security, EMS and ENG operations.


The P139HD Generation II Digital Audio System builds on Eagle Avionics System’s, formerly Geneva Aviation, proven track record of modular audio systems by introducing the size, power and weight benefits of digital audio technology while retaining compatibility.


Key features include:

  • A lighter install weight and shorter installation time

  • All required connectors and mounts included

  • Dual Input Power Supply

  • No external audio matching unit required for any audio source

  • Support of up to 32 control panels

  • Supports up to 30 transceivers and 18 headsets

Eagle Audio P174 Power converter
P174 28 to 12 VDC, 27 Amp Power Converter

The P174 Power Converter is a power solution designed specifically for the requirements of heavily equipped aircraft. 

Key features include:

  • 27 Amps continuous output power

  • Lowest weight and cost

  • Very fast turn on rise time

  • Designed for processor-based equipment that utilize switch mode power supplies

  • Adjustable output voltage

P176 Dimmer Power Supply

The P176 is a new dimmer power supply product designed as a direct replacement for the Helicopter AS350 series that use P/N: 704A46814049 (or earlier).

Eagle Audio P176 Dimmer Power Supply

Key features include:

  • Easy installation, requiring no use of spacers to mount or wiring changes / modifications

  • Short circuit and thermally protected

  • Gold-plated contacts for both vertical header and edge connector

  • Linear-style power supply (over a switch mode)

P178 Failsafe Audio Mixer

The P178 Audio Mixer provides 3

composite outputs from up to 8 input signals. Channels 1 and 2 are failsafe relay protected for master caution or essential tones to ensure that no fault in the system or an electrical bus failure can prevent pass through the of essential warnings or tones. Channels 3 through 8 are non-essential tones and will drop off lines in case of fault or avionics bus failure. A pull low on fault line is also provided for external indication for greater safety.

Eagle AudioP178 Failsafe Audio Mixer