Eagle 407HP: a valued team member

The Eagle 407HP has been busy proving its worth to operators around the world, convincing many it is the most economical and efficient helicopter to achieve their business objectives.

From lifting heavy equipment for mining operations to working at altitude in remote locations, the Eagle 407HP is fast gaining a reputation as the helicopter of choice for demanding missions. This is by virtue of its enhanced performance, the result of a conversion in which Eagle replaces the original Bell 407 Rolls Royce engine with a Honeywell HTS900.

Coldstream Helicopters, a privately owned commercial helicopter operator based out of mountainous western Canada, provides services to many industries such as oil and gas, mineral exploration, forestry, construction, tourism and even filmmaking in dangerous and remote locations. With the addition of an Eagle 407HP to his fleet, Coldstream President Robert Gallagher has seen firsthand how the aircraft increases efficiency, performance and safety.

"The Eagle 407HP was chosen for its high-altitude performance," Gallagher explains, "giving our crews the largest safety margin when working at high altitudes doing very technical missions above 10,000 feet."

Gallagher should know, his company have been utilising their Eagle 407HP for mountain fire and rescue operations throughout western Canada. He tells us he has also put the high-performance aircraft to work heli-skiing, Hollywood filmmaking and assisting with aerial construction work.

Gallagher explains, "The performance for high altitude work as well as the additional seat push the aircraft into a league of its own when compared to other air frames from its competitors."

It is the Eagle 407HP's increased payload and hot/high performance which makes it a game changer in the intermediate lift helicopter market and a popular choice amongst operators.