Eagle 407HP conversion gaining popularity

Operators around the world are choosing the Eagle 407HP, impressed by its reputation for enhanced performance, increased payload and greater efficiency.

The new year has been full steam ahead, with Eagle Australasia taking delivery of a Bell 407 for upgrade, whilst their counterparts in Canada delivered two completed Eagle 407HP conversions, with two more conversions expected to deliver over the coming month.

The Australian team have commenced work on the Bell 407 which, once the upgrade is complete, will be operating in the steamy mountains of Indonesia. The Eagle 407HP has already proven its worth in a similarly challenging environment, having exceeded expectations during trials in Papua New Guinea when it completed missions carrying up to twice the amount a Bell 407 could lift in similar conditions.

Recent conversions for Eagle Canada have included delivery of two machines to Helicopter Express. This marks the fourth 407HP delivery to Helicopter Express. To date, they have seen particular benefit whilst deploying the aircraft on fire-fighting missions.

The Eagle 407HP has also been making an impact in South America, with Chilean operator Tivar Helicopters taking delivery of a conversion in late 2017 from the Eagle South America team.

The 407HPs popularity is due to its enhanced performance, a result of Eagle's conversion in which the Rolls Royce C47 turbine engine is replaced with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900, substantially improving the high-altitude and hot ambient temperature of the Bell 407.

Developed with safety, performance and affordability in mind, the Eagle 407HP is ideally suited to play a demanding role wherever out-performance is a must: fire-fighting, law enforcement, utility construction, emergency services, mineral exploration and more.