SOLD 1992 Bell 206L3 LongRanger

Serial Number 51559 | AFTT 3,135 hrs | Location: Australia | Available Now

The Bell 206L3 LongRanger is a remarkable combination of power, room and range. This recently fully-refurbished aircraft boasts brand new paint and luxury interior, including the new-release Garmin G500H TXi touchscreen flight display and kangaroo leather seats. Both the interior and exterior are in excellent condition.

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Garmin G500H TXi flight display


Garmin GTR225 COM

Garmin GTX335 transponder

Garmin GMA350 audio panel

Jupiter glove box with dual USB charger and audio jack


Rotor brake

High skid gear with Flitestep

Dual controls

Bleed air heater

DART float system

FDC inlet filter

Wire strike protection system

Automatic door openers

Onboard cargo hook

Varn Horn tail rotor blades

AAI interior kit

AAI dark-ting rubber-mounted windows

Kangaroo leather seats

Component Time Remaining

Turbine : 2000.0

1st stage wheel : 1000.0

2nd stage wheel : 1000.0

3rd stage wheel : 2225.0

4th stage wheel : 2225.0

Compressor : 2627.3

Main rotor hub : 2135.3

Main rotor mast assembly : 372.8

Main rotor mast pole : 1865.0

Main rotor blade assembly : 3695.4

Swashplate assembly : 2172.8

Transmission assembly : 1872.8

Hydraulic servo actuator : 465.0

Tail rotor gearbox : 3372.8

Tail rotor yoke : 4561.6

Tail rotor hub : 1520.2

Tail rotor blade assembly : 4898.3