Eagle 407HP Receives Chinese Certification

Following an extensive certification process, the Eagle 407HP was recently approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Chinese operators of the Bell 407 will now have the opportunity to enjoy the cost savings, greater safety and improved performance realised by the Eagle upgrade. Eagle's retrofit replaces the OEM-installed Rolls Royce engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900 turbine engine, significantly improving the Bell 407 helicopter's high altitude and hot ambient performance.

"With mountainous areas comprising some 69% of China's landmass, the Eagle 407HP is the ideal option for Chinese operators," explained Grant Boyter, CEO of Eagle Australasia. "With its increased performance and reduced fuel burn, the Eagle 407HP will realise significant hot and high performance benefits in this challenging environment."

First delivered in 2015, the Eagle 407HP enables operators to fly longer, further and higher. Operators can carry more people and payload with greater reliability and at a lower cost than the standard B407 and comparable helicopters. At higher altitudes, the Eagle 407HP surpasses the performance of standard B407 variants and other helicopters in its class. One of the first operators of a 407HP, Sean Rickards of Yellowhead Helicopters noticed significant improvements in performance against comparable helicopters, "Last summer we had the opportunity to operate against an Astar B3. We were able to continue flying away with the bucket whereas the B3 struggled to get the bucket out of the water."

With 22% more shaft horsepower, 19% greater payload, lower engine direct maintenance costs, reduced fuel burn and the safety of a dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system, it is little wonder the Eagle 407HP is outperforming others in its class.

"It is exciting for Eagle to provide Chinese operators with the performance benefits of the Eagle 407HP which have been enjoyed by customers in other parts of the world," said Jason Kielau, VP Sales and Marketing for Eagle Copters Ltd. "With strong, worldwide demand for the Eagle 407HP in the utility, EMS and para-public segments, this game changing engine upgrade has become a key product for Eagle."

Along with the new Chinese certification, the Eagle 407HP conversion is already available to Bell 407 operators in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Canada, United States, Mexico and Chile. For more information about Eagle's 407HP conversion Click Here.