SOLD 1988 Airbus MBB/BK117-B1

Serial Number 7178 | AFTT 8,888.4 hrs | Available Now

This two-engine, versatile, high-performance helicopter is suitable for a wide range of applications, including transport of both people and goods, search and rescue, patrol and emergency medical services.

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Garmin GNS430W GPS

Garmin GNS530W GPS

Garmin GTX330 transponder

Technisonic TFM 550

NAT AMS 43 audio controllers (x4)

BendixKing TCAS system KTA 870

NAT PA 110 system

Sky connect tracking/sat phone

L3 FA-2100 CVR system

Artex C406-N ELT

Stormscope BF Goodrich WX500

Yaw CSAS (autopilot) FMS 10-41


ASU supplemental lighting system

Devore tail rotor flood light kit

Metro Aviation portable oxygen cylinder

Purolator facet oil filter kit

Dual control cover KCH STC

Shadin engine trend monitor system

Seat R/H attendant with PAC long rails

Searchlight SX-16 & gimbal assembly

Outlink comm point CP3i flight tracker

Air conditioner ECU 117-E0012

Component Time Remaining

Power turbine rotor assembly

Engine 1 : 8732.9

Engine 2 : 9315.0

Main gearbox : 3351.0

Main driveshaft 4800hr inspection : 4669.1

Swashplate assembly : 3351.0

Transmission case : 2804.5