Eagle Australasia successfully complete Honeywell HTS900 training

Eagle Australasia, in conjunction with Honeywell and Intermountain Turbine Services, have successfully completed a five-day maintenance training course on the new Honeywell HTS900 engine. The course was conducted at Eagle's facility in Coffs Harbour and covered both theory and practical elements. Practical training was enhanced by the use of both an on-site training engine and a live engine installed in the new Eagle 407HP.

The engine training was delivered by a senior instructor from Intermountain Turbine Services, a Honeywell Approved Service Centre for the HTS900. Program engineers from Honeywell were also present, providing an additional level of technical support with direct access back to Honeywell engineering in Phoenix, USA. Engine to airframe interface content was included in the course and delivered by Eagle Canada, the STC holder for the Eagle 407HP.

A total of eight students made up of engineers from Eagle Australasia, CASA (Civil Aviation Authority) and a Papua New Guinea operator undertook the course.

“Having highly trained engineers will go a long way to support the new Eagle 407HP, which is expected to be a game changer in the market” said Grant Boyter, CEO of Eagle Australasia.

The level of commitment by the OEM and their representatives together with co-operation from CASA has ensured a great start for the Eagle 407HP. Honeywell is providing additional training in other regions of the world to ensure global integration and support of the HTS900 engine.