Eagle brings StartStick to the Asia Pacific

Eagle has now received the first StartStick for deployment in Australasia

The StartStick is a cutting-edge and ultra-lightweight Li-Ion emergency 28V start battery with a built-in NATO connector. It is designed to carry and charge on-board the aircraft wherever it goes, using any 10-ampere auxiliary power supply circuit.

“We’ve used the StartStick several times ourselves, and experienced first-hand the benefits of this light-weight and compact emergency supply,” explained Rohan Schallmeiner, VP Maintenance, Eagle Australasia.

The StartStick has the most advanced battery management unit available. Automatic shutdown and turn-on, integrated battery charging, temperature, state of charge, battery life, and over 16 different fault diagnostics monitor the battery over 100 times per second to ensure optimum performance and safety.

“We believe this product offers our customers the peace-of-mind to never again run the risk of missing a mission or not being able to get home due to a flat battery in a remote location. It also removes the risk of engine damage due to poor cranking power from a tired or flat battery,” said Grant Boyter, CEO, Eagle Australasia.

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