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Approved in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, China, Canada, United States, Mexico and Chile, the Eagle 407HP powered by the Honeywell HTS900 gives you increased power, payload and range capabilities, for the performance you need to do your job safely and more efficiently.

The Eagle 407HP conversion replaces the Rolls Royce C47 turbine engine with a next-generation Honeywell HTS900, substantially improving the high-altitude and hot ambient temperature performance of the Bell 407 - already one of the best and most versatile helicopters ever made - to give you a faster and more powerful, yet surprisingly, more fuel efficient aircraft.

Eagle407_Vertical White.png
Eagle 407HP performance comparative
Better Fuel Efficiency. 

More Cost Effective.

The next-generation technologies at work in the Honeywell engine combine to deliver more power while occupying less cubic space and burning 17% less fuel.


The lower fuel consumption of course, increases both operational savings and simultaneously increases the endurance.

More Power To You.

More Payload Too.

The Eagle Copters conversion improves the payload capability of your Bell 407 helicopter by an estimated 19% at 10,000 feet, significantly increasing the aircraft’s capability over a wider operating spectrum. The powerful new Honeywell HTS900 engine delivers an output of 1,021 shaft horsepower — a 22% improvement in output at high and hot conditions over the incumbent engine.

Ready For Action.

The All-Sector Superhero.

Developed with performance, safety and affordability as  top requirements, the Eagle 407HP is ideally suited for playing an even more demanding  role wherever outperformance is a must: in security and law enforcement, utility services such as pipeline and power line construction, forest management, EMS, firefighting, heli-sports and more. 

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